CEO’s review June 2018

Post 26.6.2018

First I want to thank all our players, staff members, partners and fans – together we are making esports in Finland stronger. Our main objective is to make Finnish esports professional and the core of that is to provide sports entertainment to all esports followers. Of course, we will also show that Finland can compete and win on the global field.

We have established our position as the leading esports organization in Finland. Domination of Serral is something extraordinary, he has 7750 WCS points and is leading the ranking by 5400 points and secured a spot in the most important event, WCS Global Finals at Blizzcon in November from the first WCS tour stop in January! The second goal for us was to bring Finnish Counter-Strike back to a global level in 2018. So far, we have succeeded faster than we expected, as our CS:GO team will travel to one of the largest Stadium events in 2018. That is of course ESL One Cologne. This is the first time in years that a Finnish team is competing in an international Tier 1 tournament. We will put a huge commitment into CS:GO and the aim is having our team at the top!

In Rainbow Six: Siege we had a bad period in the worst possible time, as the Pro League was extended from short seasons to six months and we went from being a Pro league champion to Challenger League. This isn’t the end of ENCE R6, but it required some changes in the team and we selected the route of going international. We’ve only had Finnish players in ENCE, but in R6 we decided to take a step forward, keeping the core of Finnish players and strengthening the team with international players. This, of course, changed the team communication language but made it possible to find players we actually needed. From Challenger League, we will make our way back to Pro League and also compete in other open tournaments including DreamHack Valencia.

Overwatch is a game we want to be involved in as the game is great esports, suits for all age groups and there are a lot of talented Finnish players. There hasn’t been many tournaments outside of Overwatch League, but Blizzard is opening the doors and after that, there is a huge potential for us and other organizations.


The business side

Traditional companies are starting to find esports’ possibilities in Finland and we are in a unique position compared to other organizations. Our reach and international presence allow us to take Finnish companies brand visibility to the global level and also have a very strong follower base in Finland and the Nordics to support local activities.

During this year, we will do a lot of cool activations with our partners, for example, Rizk is organizing an all-inclusive VIP trip raffle for our fans to ESL One Cologne and some cool activations are in the planning with Telia and ASUS ROG for Assembly Summer.

One huge thing happened just less than month ago when our main partner Telia Company acquired the majority of Assembly events, this enables growth for local esports and we will see more and longer tournaments in the region needed for overall growth of esports.

We also formed a new association (Suomen kilpapelaamisen liitto) with other Finnish teams and organizers and will be doing many joint operations and grow esports in Finland together. As Finland’s Minister for European Affairs, Culture and Sports Sampo Terho said – “together we will be looking ways how to make Finland great power of esports!”