BLAST Pro Series: Moscow

Coverage 11.9.2019

Standing 1-2-2 (5 points)



ENCE return to the BLAST Pro Series as we head off to Moscow for the next event in the circuit. Having already added a BLAST Pro title to their name back in Madrid the team will be looking to do it again. This time things will be a little different as this is the first time fans will see sunNy in action for the team as he replaces aleksib.

The event will run on the 13th & 14th of September with ENCE facing off against the likes of Vitality, MIBR and NaVi. These are teams that ENCE have previously managed to take down and will be hoping that this is another championship they can put under their belt.

Catch all the action live here when the team go head to head with forZe in the first game of the tournament on Sept 13th at 20:45 EEST.


  • Group Stage
    • Single Round-Robin
    • Games are Best of One
    • Top two advance to Grand Final
  • Grand Final
    • Best of Three
  • BLAST Pro Standoff:
    • Third place chooses an opponent from remaining teams
    • Five 1v1 matches with various weapons
    • BLAST Pro Standoffs Winner gets $20,000

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