Asus Rog Summer 2019 Preview

Post 28.7.2019

StarCraft 2 is returning to Finland in the form of an ASUS ROG tournament in Assembly Summer 2019 on 1st-3rd of August! We sat down with Serral to ask him some relevant, and some less relevant questions about the upcoming tournament.

How would you rate the past year and your accomplishments during it? Have you been happy with your form?

My past year has been very good; I think I made it to the finals in every event except for IEM Katowice and that’s already better than last year when I got 3rd place in WESG. This year just a couple of the finals didn’t go my way, but they were completely winnable and most of them I feel like I should have won honestly. I did throw multiple games, but at the same time, StarCraft is a game of mistakes, so someone has to do them.

How do you keep your motivation up? After having already achieved so much, are there certain things you’re still especially hungry to win?

Any specific events don’t keep me going. Obviously, it would be nice to win one IEM trophy and second Blizzcon trophy. The competition overall keeps me playing and motivated; I want to win as much as I can now that I have the ability.

Obviously, your form has improved a lot in the past four years. Are there any other aspects you think have changed? In what ways?

I have played for quite long already in bigger events, so the big part is just that I have gained experience slowly and surely and nowadays its very natural playing tournament matches. I have also learned how to study mistakes and games that I lose. Otherwise, I don’t think too much has changed. Maybe I got a little smarter.

About Asus Rog..

Which players do you find the most threatening opponents in the tournament

Protosses make me worried again, so the same names as before Neeb and ShoWTimE. All the Korean protosses are very hard to play against aswell. Otherwise, I’m very confident against everyone.

The last Asus Rog tournament was organised in 2015, what memories do you have from that?

I don’t have too many memories honestly, except for the one that I won a map off FanTaSy when he tried to get his tanks behind my main on Moonlight Madness.

This time you will have the “home field advantage” and a large crowd of Finnish people cheering for you in the audience. How does that make you feel?

Feels great to have an event back in Finland again. I don’t think I have ever been on stage in front of a Finnish crowd before so that will be very exciting. It’s just fun to be able to play close to home and not travel so much for once.

Last Asus Rog competition in Finland was organized in 2015 / Credit: Tero Heino

About Finland..

What do you think of the state of SC2 in Finland?

StarCraft 2 isn’t very big in Finland, but I think the scene is pretty healthy. We also have a couple of players how are trying to improve and get to the bigger competitions, but without too many local events, it’s always a bit hard to grow.

What has been the memorable Finnish event for you?

Insomnia 2013 and ASUS ROG Summer 2011, where we also had Finnish qualifiers to WCG 2011. Insomnia was my first tournament win, and I’m pretty sure the event in 2011 was my first bigger one, so it has just stayed in my mind.

Which Finnish player (in their prime) would you like to play against?

Well, that’s a strange question. Probably someone who I haven’t ever played so Satiini who was the best Finnish player during some times.

Which player participating in Asus Rog would win a sauna competition?

If I have to pick from the player roster, it’s me quite obviously.

Who would win in a game of StarCraft 2, your dog or elfi’s cat?

I have no clue how good elfi’s cat is in games generally, but our dog has shown multiple times he’s prominent in games so I would say he’s the favorite…

Serral is looking to defeat his opponent this time on Finnish soil


First Group Stage:

  • 32 players in 8 groups of 4 players each, played in a Dual Tournament Format.
  • All Matches are Bo3.
  • Top 2 players of each group advance to the next stage.

Second Group Stage:

  • 16 players in 4 groups of 4 players each, played in a Dual Tournament Format.
  • All Matches are Bo3.
  • Top 2 players of each group advance to the next stage.


  • 8 players in a single-elimination bracket.
  • Quarterfinals and Semifinals are Bo5.
  • Finals are Bo7.


Place $USD WCS Global Pts
1st $10,000 1,000
2nd $5,000 600
3rd-4th $2,500 200
5th-8th $1,250 100

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