Assembly '17 Overwatch Preview

Post 25.1.2017

ASSEMBLY Winter Overwatch

Twice a year in Helsinki, Finland gamers come together for the largest LAN party in the country. Not only do they get to hang out and play games for 3 days straight but they are treated to eSports tournaments across multiple games.

This year will be the first time that Overwatch will take the stage at the event and ENCE along with 3 other Finnish teams have been invited to compete. This will be the first time the Overwatch roster for the organisation will compete in front of the public since their announcement. Along side them will be the recognisable team Ninjas In Pyjamas as well as SkitLite and newly formed team Helsinki REDS of which the later will be the first opponent for ENCE.

Tournament Info

The tournament will be a Double Elimination bracket that will take place over 2 days of the LAN party with a prize pool of €5000 as well as the title of best Finnish OW team. We sat down with Ville ‘Trickwide’ Saastamoinen to get his thoughts ahead of the tournament and how the team are prepared for it

We’ve improved significantly since the first days and I’m really satisfied with the direction we are currently heading. There’s still a lot practice to be done before Assembly especially, if there is going to be a new patch which alters the current Overwatch meta. We are excited for the opportunity to play in a same tournament with the top European team NiP and two other Finnish contenders: Helsinki REDS and Skitlite.

We’ll be facing Helsinki REDS in our first ever LAN match but we are not afraid to take the challenge of facing a team that has shown improvement throughout their existence and has been together longer than we have. After all we have the upper hand since we are unknown and no one knows how we play as a team. We have the opportunity to study our opponents and they don’t. Assembly Winter 2017 will be a blast and I hope there will be guys cheering for us.

The LAN party will take place from 3rd-5th February and you can catch all action right here on the main website page or hopefully we will see plenty of fans at the event to cheer on the team.