2019 WCS Winter Europe Coverage

Coverage 8.2.2019

Serral is the Runner Up in WCS Winter EU

Grand Finals Serral 3-4 Reynor

Serral 3-0 HeRoMaRinE

Serral 3-0 PtitDrogo

Serral Round Robin results: 5-2


This year, the WCS season starts with something a little different. Blizzard introduced a tournament called “WCS Winter”, which replaces one traditional Circuit stop. This 10-week program will consist of a two of 32-person online tournaments for America and Europe. Each has a USD $60,000 prize pool, and the players can earn WCS points from them as usual. The main events for both regions will happen live. There, the Top 6 will battle each other for a Championship title.

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The Ladder Qualifier and the 3 Online Qualifiers for Europe have already concluded and Serral finished on top in the ladder race. This qualified him to participate in the Group Stage 1. On 9th of February he will meet Namshar, Ziggy and SoulSpirit in the Group H. If he advances, the Group Stage 2 will be held in the same format on 14th-17th of February. However, Group Stage 3 mixes things up a little, as it will use a Round-Robin format for the Top 8. 6 Players advance to the live portion of the tournament. It begins on 23rd of March and has an unusual “King of the Hill” format.

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