2019 WCS Spring Preview

Post 16.4.2019

The WCS circuit continues this weekend when players from all around the world head to Kiev, Ukraine. A total of 80 eager StarCraft 2 professionals compete for the title of WCS Spring Champion.

After winning the WCS Spring Challenger 4-2 against ShoWTimE, Serral has set his sights on winning the main event

The event structure consists of 3 Group Stages, a Knockout Bracket, and a 24 player Playoff single-elimination bracket. It differs significantly from the format of WCS Winter, which mainly took place online, and was divided into two separate regions.

In early April, Reynor claimed the title of WCS Winter Champion after a close Grand Finals series against Serral. The series ended with a 3-4 score in favour of the young Italian. But now, the snows have melted, flowers are starting to bloom, and it’s time to see who will rule the WCS Spring circuit stop.

Serral got an excellent start to the tournament by winning the EU Challenger, taking home a straight placement into the 3rd Group Stage, $1,600 and 200 precious WCS points. If he were to win also the main event, he would claim yet another WCS title, $20,000 and 3,000 WCS points. Also unlike in the Winter event, the Spring Champion will get a direct seed into the Global Finals later this year.

He will play in the Group A of the Group Stage 3, joined by a Brazilian Terran Kelazhur, and two additional players advancing from the Group Stage 2. Serral and Kelazhur have played against each other in 7 recorded matches, from which Serral has won 5 and Kelazhur 2. Zerg versus Terran is currently Serral’s weakest matchup on the ladder, but that shouldn’t worry him much since his rating in it is still as high as 2925.

Tune in to the broadcast this weekend to see if Serral can claim back his WCS throne!


Third Group Stage:

  • 16 players from the Second Group Stage,
  • 16 players from Qualifiers
  • 8 groups of 4 players each, played in a Dual Tournament Format
  • All Matches are Bo3
  • Top 2 players of each group advance to the playoffs
  • Players who take first place in Group Stage 3 advance to the playoffs’ Round of 16
  • Players who take second place in Group Stage 3 advance to the playoffs’ Round of 24
  • Players who take third place in Group Stage 3 drop to the Knockout Bracket Round 6
  • Players who take fourth place in Group Stage 3 drop to the Knockout Bracket Round 5

Knockout Brackets:

  • 8 Single-elimination Brackets, consisting of 6 Rounds each
  • Each Bracket starts with 2 players who took fourth place in Group Stage 1 and 2 players who took third place in Group Stage 1
  • From Round 3 onwards each Round 1 Player drops from the Group stages into the Knockout Bracket (per Knockout Bracket)
  • All Matches are Bo3, except for Round 6, which are Bo5
  • The Winner of each Knockout Bracket advances to the Playoffs Round of 24


  • 24 players in a single-elimination bracket
  • Round of 24 to Semifinals are played in Bo5
  • Finals are played in Bo7


Place $USD Seed WCS Global Pts
1st $20,000 WCS Global Finals 3,000
2nd $10,000 1,400
3rd-4th $6,000 1,350
5th-8th $4,000 600

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