Sami “xseveN” Laasanen transfers to HAVU

News 7.8.2020

Today we are announcing that ENCE, HAVU and Sami “xseveN” Laasanen have come to a joined agreement. The player’s contract has been bought out by HAVU and he has signed to play for them. The parties have also mutually agreed that Sami will be loaned to ENCE to play during Valve sanctioned events until the next Major has concluded

PCS Series 2 Coverage

Coverage 6.8.2020

Coverage from the PUBG Continental Series 2: Europe

PUBG Continental Series 2: Europe

Post 4.8.2020

It has been a month since PCS Series 1 finished, and Rustanmar, Tiikzu, Skuijke and D1gger1 are eager to get back into the Chicken Hunt with Season 2 soon underway.

Douyu Cup 2020 Coverage

Coverage 19.7.2020

Coverage from Douyu Cup 2020

DH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: Season Finals Coverage

Coverage 14.7.2020

Coverage from DreamHack StarCraft 2 Masters 2020: Season Finals

NLC Summer 2020 Coverage

Coverage 6.7.2020

Coverage from the all new NLC league with the summer 2020 split

ENCE and Telia agree a two-year continuation to their partnership

News 3.7.2020

Finland’s best known and most successful esports organization ENCE and Telia have agreed to continue their partnership, which started already in 2017. Longevity has been a key component for both parties and now the two have agreed on signing a two-year continuation until 2022.

ENCE ja Telia jatkavat yhdessä kaksivuotisella sopimuksella

News 3.7.2020

Suomen tunnetuin ja menestynein esports organisaatio ENCE jatkaa jo vuonna 2017 alkanutta yhteistä matkaa Telian kanssa. Pitkäjänteisyys on ollut molemmille avainasemassa ja nyt osapuolet ovatkin allekirjoittaneet yhteistyöstä kaksivuotisen jatkosopimuksen aina vuoteen 2022 saakka.

ENCE x NitroCasino: for your entertainment

News 1.7.2020

ENCE and Malta based iGaming brand NitroCasino start a partnership focusing on creating fun and engaging content for all ENCE fans.

PCS Europe: Series 1 Coverage

Coverage 25.6.2020

Coverage from the PCS Europe Series 1

ENCE x Wolt: #SupportYourLocal

Post 24.6.2020

Vaikka esimerkiksi esports jatkaa juoksuaan kiihtyvällä tahdilla poikkeuksellisissa olosuhteissa, monilla muilla toimialoilla koronapandemia on aiheuttanut monenlaisia haasteita. Etenkin ravintola-ala on kokenut viime kuukausina kovia, ja siksipä me yhdessä Woltin kanssa päätimme haastaa ENCEn seuraajat tukemaan paikallisia ravintoloita ja esittelemme pelaajien sekä koko organisaation lemppariravintoloita kotikaupungeistamme ja toimistomme lähialueilta!

DH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: Europe Coverage

Coverage 24.6.2020

Coverage from DreamHack StarCraft 2 Masters 2020: Europe

cs_summit6 Online Coverage

Coverage 22.6.2020

Coverage from cs_summit6 Online for CS:GO

DH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: Europe Preview

Post 18.6.2020

While the whole Europe is basking in the hot summer sun, it’s time for StarCraft II fans to prepare for the most important event of the season – DreamHack Masters 2020 Summer!

cs_summit6 Online Preview

Post 17.6.2020

We take yet another step on the Road to Rio as cs_summit6 Online approaches! This is the second chance during this year to increase our point total, after ESL One: Road to Rio. It’s time to compete against the Europe’s best teams, starting on June 22nd!

ENCE welcomes Aleksanteri "ATL" Leinonen

News 16.6.2020

With the recent announcement of acquiring a League of Legends roster for the upcoming Northern League of Legends Championship, we were also on the lookout for staff to help kick start our campaign in the game the right way. Today we are happy to welcome Aleksanteri “ATL” Leinonen as the Performance Coach for our League team

BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 EU Finals Coverage

Coverage 15.6.2020

Coverage from the BLAST Premier: Spring Finals

NLC Summer 2020 Preview

Post 11.6.2020

ENCE are set to compete in the NLC Summer 2020

Stay at HomeStory Cup #2 Coverage

Coverage 10.6.2020

Coverage from Stay At HomeStory Cup #2 for StarCraft 2

PCS Europe: Season 1 Preview

News 5.6.2020

ENCE will compete in the PUBG Continental Series Europe Season 1

BLAST Premier Spring Showdown EU Coverage

Coverage 31.5.2020

Coverage from the European BLAST Premier Spring Showdown

ENCE and Logitech G sign an extension untill 2022

Post 28.5.2020

ENCE together with Logitech G, a brand of Logitech and leading innovator in gaming technologies and gear extend our partnership with a multi year deal until 2022.

ENCE League of Legends is here

News 28.5.2020

We are finally ready to reveal our League of Legends squad for the newly formed Northern League of Legends Championship, premiering June 16th.

DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 Coverage

Coverage 27.5.2020

Coverage from DreamHack Masters Spring 2020

PSL Season 6 Coverage

Coverage 18.5.2020

ENCE compete in the PUBG PSL Season 6

TeamLiquid StarLeague 5 Coverage

Coverage 16.5.2020

Coverage from TeamLiquid StarLeague 5 for StarCraft 2

TeamLiquid StarLeague 5 preview

Post 13.5.2020

TeamLiquid StarLeague is back after a 8 year hiatus! This iconic tournament series took the hearts of the early StarCraft 2 fans and we’re thrilled to see it reborn!

PCS Charity Showdown Coverage

Coverage 13.5.2020

Coverage from the PUBG Continental Series: Charity Showdown

DreamHack Spring Showdown Coverage

Coverage 1.5.2020

Coverage from the DreamHack Spring Showdown

BLAST Premier Showdown Qualifier Coverage

Coverage 30.4.2020

Coverage from BLAST Premier Spring Showdown for CS:GO

BLAST Premier Showdown Qualifier Preview

Post 27.4.2020

Beginning this Thursday, ENCE will compete in the BLAST Premier Showdown Qualifier. With the addition of Jamppi to the roster, the Finns will be looking to make waves and confirm a spot in the main event!

Red Bull Flick 2on2 CS:GO turnaus - ENCE x Red Bull

News 24.4.2020

ENCE ja Red Bull järjestävät yhteistyössä täysin uudenlaisen 2v2 CS:GO -turnauksen Suomessa – Voittajalla mahdollisuus pelata ammattilaisia vastaan

PSL Spring Challenge Preview

Post 24.4.2020

ENCE to compete in the PUBG PSL Season 6 tournament

ENCE PUBG taking part in the PCS: Charity Showdown

Post 23.4.2020

ENCE PUBG is happy to announce to have been invited to the PUBG Continental Series Europe Charity Showdown!

ESL One: Road to Rio - Europe Coverage

Coverage 22.4.2020

Coverage from ESL Pro League Season 11 for CS:GO

Welcome to ENCE - Elias "Jamppi" Olkkonen

News 21.4.2020

Today ENCE is officially signing Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen, Finland’s most talented Counter-Strike prospect, to create a six-man roster

ENCE enters League of Legends with the new NLC

News 15.4.2020

ENCE, Finland’s premier Esports organization is one of the founding members in Riot Games and DreamHack newly announced Northern League Championships

Stay At HomeStory Cup Coverage

Coverage 9.4.2020

Coverage from Stay At HomeStory Cup for StarCraft 2

Stay At HomeStory Cup Preview

Post 6.4.2020

Esports is coming home again – this time, literally. TakeTV is making sure you can still enjoy StarCraft 2 without leaving the comfort of your own home!

303 Royale League 2 Coverage

Coverage 5.4.2020

Coverage from the 303 Royale League 2 for PUBG

303 Royale League 2 Preview

Post 2.4.2020

PUBG is still going strong in April with an Online League by 303 Esports!

ENCE TV - Behind the Scenes: PGS Berlin Europe Qualifier

News 28.3.2020

Behind the Scenes of PGS Berlin Europe Qualifier

ESL Pro League Season 11 Coverage

Coverage 16.3.2020

Coverage from ESL Pro League Season 11 for CS:GO

ESL Pro League Season 11 Preview

Post 13.3.2020

Preview of ESL Pro League Season 11

PGS: Berlin Europe Qualifier Finals Coverage

Coverage 7.3.2020

Coverage from PGS: Berlin – Europe Finals

ENCE accepts invitation to BLAST Premier Showdown Qualifier in Tampere

News 4.3.2020

ENCE has accepted an invitation to compete in the BLAST Premier Showdown Qualifier, which will take place in Tampere, Finland from May 1st to 3rd! This is the first time you’ll be able to come see our CS:GO team compete in Finland since June 2019

IEM Katowice 2020 Coverage

Coverage 28.2.2020

Coverage from IEM Katowice 2020 for SC2

LanTrek 2020 PUBG Pro Coverage

Coverage 27.2.2020

Coverage from LanTrek 2020 PUBG Pro for PUBG

DreamHack Open Anaheim Coverage

Coverage 21.2.2020

ENCE, ESL and 12 other leading CS:GO teams sign a groundbreaking new agreement

News 18.2.2020

We are excited to announce that we have signed an agreement together with ESL and 12 other leading CS:GO teams to begin a joint venture to create a new framework for the Counter-Strike ecosystem

IEM Katowice 2020 Preview

Post 14.2.2020

Serral’s thoughts on the upcoming IEM Katowice 2020 tournament

ENCE renews contract with Serral

News 31.1.2020

ENCE and Joona “Serral” Sotala have renewed the player contract for another exciting year. The StarCraft 2 World Champion has represented ENCE for the most significant parts of his career, and values the continuity and community the Finnish team brings into his life. 

ICE Challenge 2020 Coverage

Coverage 31.1.2020

GLL Season 4 Qualifiers Coverage

Coverage 24.1.2020

Coverage from GLL Season 4 Qualifiers for PUBG

IEM Katowice 2020 EU Server Qualifier Coverage

Coverage 14.1.2020

Coverage from IEM Katowice 2020 EU Server Qualifier for SC2

IEM XIV - European Qualifier Coverage

Coverage 9.1.2020

Coverage from the IEM XIV – European Qualifier Coverage for CS:GO

Champions Cup Finals Coverage

Coverage 18.12.2019

Coverage from the Champions Cup Finals 2019 for CS:GO

Roster update ENCE PUBG

News 2.12.2019

ENCE entered PUBG esports and the PEL in March 2019 by signing the Finnish roster o1ne. The squad went on to win PEL Phase 1 in a dominant fashion and went into the year with high hopes of being one of the championship contending teams each season

HomeStory Cup XX Coverage

Coverage 21.11.2019

Coverage from HomeStory Cup XX for SC2

CS:GO Asia Championships 2019 Coverage

Coverage 20.11.2019

Coverage from the Asia Championships 2019 for CS:GO

IEM Season XIV Beijing-Haidian Coverage

Coverage 5.11.2019

Coverage from the IEM Season XIV Beijing-Haidian for CS:GO

WCS Global Finals Coverage

Coverage 25.10.2019

Coverage from the WCS Global Finals for StarCraft 2

WCS Global Finals preview

Post 23.10.2019

The highlight of the StarCraft 2 year is here. The Global Finals begin on the 24th of October. Serral returns to defend his World Champion title, will he be able to claim the trophy two years in a row?

PEL Promotion 2020 - Phase 1

Coverage 17.10.2019

Coverage from the Europe League Promotion 2020 – Phase 1 event for PUBG

DreamHack Masters Malmö Coverage

Coverage 30.9.2019

Coverage from the DreamHack Masters Malmö event for CS:GO

ESL One: New York Coverage

Coverage 24.9.2019

Coverage from the ESL One: New York 2019 event

ENCE partners with Bitfactor

News 17.9.2019

Bifactor joins ENCE to help the leading Finnish esports organisation serve its global fan base better

BLAST Pro Series: Moscow

Coverage 11.9.2019

Coverage from the BLAST Pro Series: Moscow

WCS Fall Coverage

Coverage 6.9.2019

Coverage from the WCS Fall 2019 Challenger for StarCraft 2

ENCE welcomes Niklas "Willkey" Ojalainen as GM

News 4.9.2019

Today we are thrilled to announce a return of a familiar face into the ENCE family. Niklas “Willkey” Ojalainen is coming home and will be working as General Manager in the organization as of today

Berlin Major Coverage

Coverage 25.8.2019

New Champions Stage begins on September 5th. Find out all you need to know about our games here

ENCE welcomes Miikka "suNny" Kemppi

News 23.8.2019

Today we are announcing the signing of Miikka “suNny” Kemppi to ENCE. Miikka, along with the rest of our Counter-Strike roster, has signed a contract through the end of 2021

PEL Phase 3 Coverage

Coverage 22.8.2019

PUBG PEL Phase 3 Coverage

ENCE and Red Bull expands to branded partnership

News 21.8.2019

On January 15th, 2019 ENCE and Red Bull announced a collaboration between the two brands. Today we are happy to announce the expansion of our partnership to a branded level, including Red Bull being introduced to ENCE’s new team jersey

ENCE welcomes noblechairs as a partner

News 19.8.2019

ENCE and manufacturer of sports inspired, ergonomic gaming chairs noblechairs have started a partnership. Moving forward, the professional players at ENCE will be utilizing these top of the line gaming chairs.

GSL vs the World 2019 Coverage

Coverage 15.8.2019

Coverage from the StarCraft II GSL vs the World event

Serral Open and a base in Pornainen

Post 12.8.2019

It is no secret that the StarCraft 2 World Champion Joona “Serral” Sotala enjoys spending his free time golfing. Last weekend, Kotajärvi Golf course organised an event carrying Joona’s name, Serral Open.

WCS Fall 2019 Challenger Coverage

Coverage 9.8.2019

Coverage from the StarCraft II WCS Fall 2019 Challenger

Introducing the ENCE autumn 2019 collection

News 1.8.2019

We are delighted to bring a new and more defined ENCE clothing and apparel collection making its debut at Assembly Summer 2019 before hitting online sales next week. This article will introduce you to the clothing items we are releasing starting from today, with couple items hitting presales next week

ENCE activities at Assembly Summer 2019

News 1.8.2019

The biggest computer festival in Finland, Assembly starts this Thursday and ENCE is going to be more visible than ever. Not only is Serral competing in the ASUS ROG StarCraft II -tournament, you can also find our own booth at the expo hall and purchase ENCE merch at the event.

ASUS ROG Summer 2019 Coverage

Coverage 1.8.2019

Coverage from the StarCraft II ASUS ROG Summer 2019 event

Asus Rog Summer 2019 Preview

Post 28.7.2019

Interview with Serral about the upcoming Asus Rog Summer 2019 tournament

IEM Chicago XIV Coverage

Coverage 17.7.2019

Coverage from the IEM XIV Chicago event

WCS Summer 2019 Coverage

Coverage 12.7.2019

Coverage from the WCS Summer 2019 for StarCraft 2

WCS Summer 2019 Preview

Post 9.7.2019

The WCS Spring Champion Serral returns this weekend to Kyiv to compete against the best foreigners. Can he snatch yet another WCS title, or is it time to hand the crown forwards?

ESL One Cologne Coverage

Coverage 1.7.2019

Coverage from the 2019 ESL One Cologne event

HomeStory Cup XIX Coverage

Coverage 27.6.2019

Coverage from the Starcraft II HomeStory Cup XIX event

Assembly Summer Starcraft II Event

News 18.6.2019

This summer Serral returns to Helsinki to compete in the Assembly Summer event.

WCS Summer 2019 Challenger Coverage

Coverage 15.6.2019

Coverage from the WCS Summer 2019 Challenger for StarCraft 2

ENCE signs Veikkaus as a Main Partner

News 14.6.2019

Veikkaus has signed a significant contract with Finland’s most successful and internationally renowned esports organization ENCE esports

PEL Phase 2 Coverage

Coverage 5.6.2019

Coverage from the PUBG PEL Phase 2

Telia Esports Series: Season 1 Coverage

Coverage 4.6.2019

DreamHack Masters Dallas Coverage

Coverage 28.5.2019

Coverage from the DreamHack Masters Dallas event


Coverage 20.5.2019

Coverage from the CS_Summit IV event in Los Angeles

2019 WCS Spring Coverage

Coverage 17.5.2019

Coverage for 2019 WCS Spring for StarCraft 2

ENCE withdraws from ESEA MDL

News 14.5.2019

ENCE’s CS:GO team has decided to withdraw from competing in the ESEA MDL. The decision was taken after an internal discussion by the team regarding their calendar situation and with the current landscape of Counter-Strike esports being full of events throughout the year.

Blast Pro Madrid Coverage

Coverage 9.5.2019

Coverage from the Blast Pro Series Madrid event

ESEA MDL Season 31 Coverage

Coverage 2.5.2019

Coverage from the ESEA Mountain Dew League Season 31

PEL KickOff Cup Coverage

Coverage 30.4.2019

Coverage from the PUBG Europe League Kick Off Cup

Telia Esports Series: Season 1

News 21.4.2019

ENCE are ready to compete in the first Telia Esports Series season, find out more about the new Finnish League.

2019 WCS Spring Challenger Coverage

Coverage 19.4.2019

Coverage from the 2019 WCS Spring Challenger for StarCraft 2

2019 WCS Spring Preview

Post 16.4.2019

The WCS circuit continues this weekend when players from all around the world head to Kiev, Ukraine. A total of 80 eager StarCraft 2 professionals compete for the title of WCS Spring Champion.

FACEIT Global Summit Coverage

Coverage 16.4.2019

Coverage from the FACEIT Global Summit 2019

DreamHack Masters Dallas Announcement

News 11.4.2019

Today we are excited to announce that we have been invited to the DreamHack Masters Dallas which takes place at the end of May 2019.

Logitech G gears ENCE

News 10.4.2019

ENCE, Finland’s premier esports organization, welcomes Logitech G, a brand of Logitech and leading innovator in gaming technologies and gear as a partner.

StarSeries & i-League Season 7

News 26.3.2019

ENCE are returning to StarSeries & i-League Season 7 to defend their title of Champions

ENCE Welcome Tombha as Content Host

News 22.3.2019

Today ENCE are excited to welcome Tomi ‘Tombha’ Rinne to the organisation as a Content Host. Most in the Finnish Esports community will know Tomi from his Overwatch casting as well as other various events and we are happy to bring his talent into ENCE.

Blast Pro Sao Paulo Coverage

Coverage 22.3.2019

Coverage from the Sao Paulo Blast Pro Series

PUBG European League Phase 1 Coverage

Coverage 19.3.2019

Coverage of the PEL Phase 1 league for PUBG

MDL Season 30 Coverage

Coverage 14.3.2019

Coverage from the Europe Mountain Dew League Season 30

WESG 2018 Coverage

Coverage 11.3.2019

Coverage for WESG 2018 for StarCraft 2

ENCE signs o1ne and enters PUBG and PUBG EUROPE LEAGUE

News 5.3.2019

ENCE as the leading Finnish esports team is expanding to PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLE GROUNDS by signing the Finnish roster of o1ne, who plays in the PUBG EUROPE LEAGUE (PEL)

WESG 2018 Preview

Post 4.3.2019

World Electronic Sports Games 2018 is just around the corner! Serral is travelling to Chongqing, China, to represent Finland and compete in the tournament with a $240,000 prize pool.

IEM Season XIII Katowice Coverage

Coverage 28.2.2019

Coverage from the IEM Season XIII Katowice for StarCraft 2

IEM Season XIII Katowice Preview

Post 24.2.2019

The World Champion is still missing a trophy from his collection. He has the chance to claim it in Katowice, Poland, as Serral travels there to participate in IEM Season XIII.

ENCE and Rainbow 6 Part Ways

News 13.2.2019

Today we say farewell to the Rainbow Six Siege Roster

IEM Katowice Major 2019

Coverage 12.2.2019

Coverage from the IEM Katowice 2019 Major

2019 WCS Winter Europe Coverage

Coverage 8.2.2019

Coverage from the 2019 WCS Winter Europe for StarCraft 2

House Rivalries EU Season 1 Coverage

Coverage 2.2.2019

ENCE’s Hearthstone power trio NoRage, Kufdon and Creapz are taking part in the House Rivalries Season 1! Starting on February 2nd ENCE will compete in a 3v3 Open Decklist tournament series.

House Rivalries EU Season 1 Preview

Post 1.2.2019

ENCE’s Hearthstone power trio NoRage, Kufdon and Creapz are taking part in the House Rivalries Season 1!

Assembly Winter 2019: ROG Tournament

Coverage 1.2.2019

Coverage from the Assembly Winter 2019 ROG Tournament for CSGO

2019 WCS Winter Europe Preview

Post 26.1.2019

This year, the WCS season starts with something a little different. Blizzard introduced a tournament called “WCS Winter”, which replaces one traditional Circuit stop.

The Road To Major

Post 23.1.2019

The European Minor is done and dusted and ENCE have secured themselves a spot at their first ever Major tournament. The event will start off with the “New Challengers Stage”, which takes place between 13th and 17th of February, with 16 teams fighting for 8 spots to qualify into the “New Legends Stage”

Win a contract at ENCE in the FIFA 19 Finnish Championships

News 23.1.2019

The first weekend of February sees Assembly Winter 2019, with a multitude of esports competitions taking place at the event. The best FIFA 19 talents in Finland are going head to head against one another on Friday the 1st of February, to see who gets crowned the Finnish Champion, 2400 € first place prize – and has the opportunity to be contracted by ENCE.

Inside ENCE: Documentary

News 17.1.2019

Monday 14th of January saw the release of a documentary by YLE and directed by Tommi Hakko, telling the story of our CS:GO lineup starting from the beginning in April. The 30 minute documentary takes the viewer on a journey in different countries at different events where the team competed.

ENCE EU Minor Coverage

Coverage 15.1.2019

Coverage from the European Minor in Katowice, Poland.

Red Bull fuels ENCE

News 14.1.2019

Today sees more great news at ENCE, as we’re announcing a collaboration together with Red Bull.

The Road To Minor

Post 10.1.2019

The European Minor is almost upon us and we take a look at what’s to come

The Year of Serral

Post 31.12.2018

EU Minor Closed Qualifiers

Coverage 10.12.2018

Coverage from the EU Minor Closed Qualifiers

R6 Siege Pro League Season 9 Coverage

Coverage 4.12.2018

Coverage from Season 9 of the Rainbow Six Siege EU Pro League

We are the Champions of DreamHack Open Winter 2018

News 3.12.2018

Our CS:GO team has brought their second international title of the year in Jönköping, Sweden by beating Bravado with a 2-0 (16-9, 16-5) in the grand finals.

FEL-League Hearthstone Finals Coverage

Coverage 1.12.2018

Kufdon and Creapz are in the top 8 of the season 5 of FEL League!

Welcome to the team, Samsung

News 30.11.2018

Today we are extremely delighted to announce that Samsung is joining ENCE as one of our partners. Starting work together with an innovating brand such as Samsung is a privilege and a great match for us at ENCE.

Press release: Mika Kuusisto appointed as CEO of ENCE eSports Oy

News 29.11.2018

ENCE has established itself as the number one esports brand in Finland over the last 3 years. Especially 2018 has been a year to remember, as our players and teams have had record breaking results.

CEO’s review November 2018

Post 29.11.2018

As 2018 is nearing its end, it is time to reflect on what the year has brought us and also look at what’s ahead as we move forward.

DreamHack Open Winter R6: Siege

Coverage 29.11.2018

Live coverage of the Rainbow Six Siege DreamHack Open Winter tournament

Farewell Uuno, Welcome Slebben

News 28.11.2018

Today we announce some changes to the Rainbow Six Siege lineup as we bid farewell to Aleksi ‘Uuno’ Työppönen, who wished to be transferred to a yet to be disclosed destination. With the departure of Uuno we are happy to welcome Alex ‘SlebbeN’ Nordlund, who’s contract we have bought out from NYYRIKKI Esports, to join the lineup.

DreamHack Open Winter CSGO

Coverage 26.11.2018

Coverage from the CSGO DreamHack Open Tournament

StarSeries & i-League Season 7

News 23.11.2018

Today we are excited to announce our invite to StarSeries & i-League Season 7

ENCE Shop Open Now

News 23.11.2018

Buy your favourite items, International shipping available!

HomeStory Cup XVIII Coverage

Coverage 23.11.2018

Serral participating in HomeStory Cup XVIII

Deadly Decks: Kufdon's Murloc Druid

Post 18.11.2018

Kufdon introduces us to his Murloc Druid in this month’s Deadly Decks! Mrrgrgrgrl!

Return to Pro League & DreamHack Winter

News 13.11.2018

The return of Shatte, Pro League return and DreamHack Open Winter invite

Hearthstone OSM 2018 Coverage

Coverage 10.11.2018

Kufdon plays in the Finals of OSM 2018!

ENCE attend DreamHack Open Winter 2018

News 8.11.2018

ENCE have been invited to compete at DreamHack Open Winter

ESEA MDL Season 29 Coverage

Coverage 4.11.2018

Coverage of the ESEA Season 29 Mountain Dew League

WCS Global Finals Preview

Post 2.11.2018

Serral’s interview and recap of WCS Global Finals Group Stage

Rainbow Six Siege: Challenger League

Coverage 1.11.2018

Coverage of the Season 8 Rainbow Six Siege Challengers League

Win an ENCE Pro Gamer PC Worth 1 999€

Post 1.11.2018

Rizk’s eSport partner ENCE just took home their first major tournament victory (StarsSeries iLeague) in Kiev and now it’s time to celebrate.

CSGO Assembly GameXpo Coverage

Coverage 1.11.2018

Coverage from the Assembly GameXpo 2018 CSGO tournament

Deadly Decks: NoRage's Odd Paladin

Post 31.10.2018

NoRage introduces us to his Odd Paladin deck!

WCS Global Finals Coverage

Coverage 26.10.2018

Serral is playing in the WCS Global Finals

WCS Global Finals Group Stage Preview

News 23.10.2018

Serral prepares for Blizzcon where he will go head to head with the worlds best at a chance to be World Champion


Coverage 22.10.2018

Live coverage from the Epicenter tournament in Moscow

Rainbow Six Roster Changes

News 18.10.2018

Today we announce some changes to the Rainbow Six Siege roster

GG.Bet Shuffle Coverage

Coverage 16.10.2018

Coverage from the GG.Bet Shuffle event where ENCE have a shot at going to IEM Chicago

Wolt on laskeutunut Vaasaan - xseveN kertoo tilausvinkit

Post 5.10.2018

Ravintolaruokia välittävä kumppanimme Wolt avasi Vaasan alueella palvelunsa pari viikkoa sitten. Kysyimme kaupungissa asuvalta ENCE:n pelaajalta Sami “xseveN” Laasaselta parhaat ravintolat Woltin tilaustarjonnasta.

StarSeries & i-League Season 6 Coverage

Coverage 4.10.2018

Coverage from the StarSeries & i-League Season 6 CSGO tournament

SFPL: Kausi 10 alkaa tänään uudistuksien kanssa

News 1.10.2018

Hyvän vastaanoton pelaajien keskuudessa saanut SFPL jatkaa jo kulkuaan kaudelle 10 uusien tasojen ja palkintoluokkien myötä.

Deadly Decks: Creapz's Scavenger Druid

Post 30.9.2018

Creapz introduces us to his Scavenger Druid deck!

StarLadder Ultimate Series Coverage

Coverage 27.9.2018

Serral participates in the StarLadder Ultimate Series!

ENCE competes in HCT Pro Team League: Welcome NoRage!

News 22.9.2018

ENCE will be participating in Pro Team Standings for the Hearthstone Championship Tour!

Deadly Decks: Kufdon's Control Priest

Post 16.9.2018

Kufdon introduces us to his Control Priest deck!

Welcome Sua & Chibu

News 10.9.2018

Today we are happy to announce two new additions to the ENCE organisation as we look to expand with the growth of our teams.

ENCE Invited to GG.Bet Shuffle

News 6.9.2018

ENCE have been invited to compete in GG.Bet Shuffle

DreamHack Open Montreal

Coverage 5.9.2018

Coverage of the DreamHack Open Montreal CSGO tournament

EPICENTER Closed Qualifier Coverage

Coverage 1.9.2018

WCS Montreal 2018 Coverage

Coverage 1.9.2018

Serral competing at WCS Montreal on 7th-9th of September!

HCT Fall Playoffs Europe Coverage

Coverage 31.8.2018

Kufdon & Creapz compete in the HCT Fall Playoffs Europe on September 1st-2nd

ESEA Advanced Season 28

Coverage 29.8.2018

Preview and Coverage for the upcoming ESEA EU Advanced Season 28

ENCE signs Slaava "Twista" Räsänen as the Head Coach of ENCE CS:GO

News 23.8.2018

A news that everyone has been waiting for as ENCE’s CS:GO team is finally complete with the acquisition of Slaava “Twista” Räsänen as the teams Head Coach

Voita itsellesi uusi ENCE PC ELITE GAMER

News 22.8.2018

Laita pelimyllysi kerralla kuntoon! Telia ja ENCE yhdessä laittoivat kasaan syksyn kuumimman arvonnan ja ENCE:n menestyksen kunniaksi onnetar pääsee arpomaan onnekkaalle voittajalle ammattipelaajan suositteleman pöytäkoneen ja hiirimaton.

IEM Chicago EU Closed Qualifiers

Coverage 22.8.2018

Coverage from the IEM Chicago EU Closed Qualifierse

QLASH SC2 Invitational Coverage

Coverage 20.8.2018

Serral is participating in QLASH SC2 Invitational tournament

Get a free ENCE team jersey from RIZK

News 17.8.2018

Our partner RIZK has started a campaign where you can get one of the brand new ENCE team jerseys in your desired size!

WCS Montreal Challenger

Coverage 10.8.2018

Serral is competing in WCS Challenger Montreal

Serral is the GSL vs The World Champion!

News 9.8.2018

Interview with Serral, the GSL vs the World Champion!

DreamHack Open: Montreal Preview

Coverage 8.8.2018

ENCE are excited to announce our invite to the DreamHack Open Montreal event

Assembly ROG: Hearthstone Coverage

Coverage 4.8.2018

Coverage from the Assembly Hearthstone ROG Finnish Championships

GSL vs. the World 2018

Coverage 2.8.2018

Serral will be participating in GSL vs. the World in Seoul, South Korea on August 2-5th

Assembly: ROG Counter-Strike Coverage

Coverage 2.8.2018

Coverage from the ASUS ROG Counter-Strike tournament at Assembly Summer 201

Assembly Summer 2018 Preview

News 1.8.2018

A preview of all things ENCE that will happen at the upcoming Assembly Summer 2018

SFPL Kausi 8 starttaa 1.8

Post 31.7.2018

Olemme tänään valmiita julkaisemaan SFPL:n kahdeksannen kauden, joka alkaa keskiviikkona 1.8. kello 00:01 ja loppuu perjantaina 31.8. keskiyöllä Suomen aikaa.

Europe Minor Coverage

Coverage 17.7.2018

Live coverage from the London Minor Championships

WCS Valencia Coverage

Post 10.7.2018

Preview of WCS Valencia Starcraft II event

HCT Italy Coverage

Coverage 7.7.2018

Live coverage from the HCT Italy event

Rainbow Six - DreamHack Valencia

Coverage 5.7.2018

Preview and Coverage of the Rainbow Six Siege DreamHack Valencia tournament

ESL One Cologne Coverage

Coverage 1.7.2018

Live coverage from the ESL One Cologne Event

SFPL Kausi 7

News 1.7.2018

New Month brings a new season. SFPL Kausi 7!

Faceit Minor Closed Qualifiers

Coverage 27.6.2018

Coverage from the Faceit Minor Closed Qualifiers

CEO’s review June 2018

Post 26.6.2018

ENCE’s CEO Petri “Procyon” Hämälä has shared his thoughts on how the first half of 2018 has gone for the organization both from esports and business perspective.

Hearthstone FEL Season 4

Coverage 26.6.2018

Kufdon will compete in the playoffs of Finnish eSports League Season 4 in Hearthstone

Rainbow Six Siege: PIT Coverage

Coverage 24.6.2018

Live coverage of the first Rainbow Six Siege PIT tournament

R6 Siege: Welcome Blas

News 20.6.2018

Welcome Blas to the ENCE Rainbow Six Siege team

WCS Valencia Qualifiers Coverage

Coverage 13.6.2018

Coverage from the WCS Valencia EU Qualifiers

Sha77e back in ENCE, Kantoraketti transferred to PENTA

News 12.6.2018

Today we welcome back a familiar face Ville “Sha77e” Palola, who will be joining ENCE as a sub to the R6S team and a Twitch streamer. We also transfer Juhani “Kantoraketti” Toivonen to PENTA.

WCS Challenger Valencia Preview

Post 11.6.2018

Preview of WCS Valencia Challenger and an interview with Serral

Road to ESL One Cologne

Coverage 8.6.2018

ENCE have qualified to ESL One Cologne and we take a look at their journey there

ENCE <3 Wolt

Post 7.6.2018

We at ENCE love to treat ourselves sometimes with food that we love, delivered straight to our door step. But the food we love changes from day to day. That’s why we love Wolt, because they deliver to us from a wide variety of different type of restaurants.

ENCE welcomes Rizk as a Main Partner

News 6.6.2018

Today we are happy to announce that we have come to an agreement with Gaming Innovation Group and one of it’s brands, Rizk, who are joining forces with ENCE as one of our Main Partners.

GGBET Majestic Playoff Coverage

Post 5.6.2018

Coverage from the GGBET Majestic playoffs in Moscow

ENCE head to Vectorama 2018

Post 4.6.2018

ENCE attend the ROG Tournament at Vectorama 2018

Serral Claims Another WCS Championship

Post 4.6.2018

Serral wins the WCS Austin Championship and adds another title to his name in 2018

WCS Austin Coverage

Coverage 2.6.2018

Coverage from the WCS Austin Starcraft II event

SFPL Kausi 6

Post 1.6.2018

The new SFPL Kausi 6 is now here!

ENCE head to GG.Bet Majestic

Post 30.5.2018

ENCE will head to Moscow to compete in the main GG.Bet Majestic playoffs

Rainbow Six Roster: Welcome Gomfi

Post 30.5.2018

Today we are happy to announce the latest addition to the Rainbow Six Siege Roster

DreamHack Tours: Hearthstone Coverage

Coverage 19.5.2018

Coverage from DreamHack Tours HCT -tournament in Tours, France.

Thank you and see you later, pannari

News 15.5.2018

With a season of disappointment in Rainbow Six: Siege for ENCE, comes a time to evaluate what the necessary changes are in order to get back to where we belong. Today we have to say good bye and farewell to Otto “pannari” Heikkinen, who has requested a transfer to T3H eSports.

ENCE's Kantoraketti loaned to PENTA for the upcoming R6 Pro League Finals in Atlantic City

News 13.5.2018

ENCE has agreed to loan Juhani “Kantoraketti” Toivonen to PENTA untill the end of the upcoming R6 Pro League finals in Atlantic City, USA.

ENCE CS:GO in GG.BET Majestic Main Stage

Coverage 12.5.2018

Counter-Strike action resumes at ENCE, as we have received an invite to GG.BET Majestic’s Main Stage, a tournament where the winner will be granted a spot at ESL One: Cologne.

ENCE releases Overwatch squad

News 12.5.2018

ENCE is dedicated to finding winning ways, which meant we had set ourselves one goal and one goal only – qualifying for Overwatch Contenders Season 2. With us unfortunately being out of the race, we have decided to disband the current roster and release our players.

WCS Austin Challenger Coverage

Coverage 12.5.2018

Coverage and preview of WCS Austin Challenger

Pro League: Year 3 Season 1 Coverage

Coverage 5.5.2018

Rainbow Six Siege Pro League returns for a new season!

DreamHack Valencia EU Qualifiers

Coverage 4.5.2018

Live coverage of the DreamHack Valencia EU Qualifiers

Overwatch Open Division Season 2

Coverage 4.5.2018

Coverage from the 2018 Overwatch Open Division Season 2

ESL One: Cologne EU Qualifiers

Coverage 2.5.2018

Live coverage from the ESL One Cologne EU Qualifiers

DH Summer: Qualifier Coverage

Coverage 26.4.2018

DreamHack returns for the next tournament as we start to prepare for the Summer event. Once again ENCE will be competing in the European Qualifiers which will see them attempt to battle their way through Open and Closed sections of the event.

DreamHack Austin: EU Qualifiers

Coverage 12.4.2018

Coverage of the European Qualifiers for DreamHack Austin

ESL One: Belo Horizonte Qualifiers

Coverage 10.4.2018

Coverage from the ESL One Qualifiers for Belo Horizonte

ENCE kesäleirejä tänä vuonna kolme kappaletta


ENCE eSports järjesti yhteistyössä Suomen ensimmäisen elektronisen urheilun leirin kesällä 2017, joka varattiin loppuun ennätysajassa.

A new challenger appears - ENCE is back in CS:GO

Post 4.4.2018

On 12th of March we revealed the signing of Aleksi “allu” Jalli to a two-year contract and announced our return to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Today we are thrilled to shed light on the rest of our new lineup.

Kufdon at HCT Oslo

News 21.3.2018

Kufdon will play in the upcoming HCT Oslo. Read more for info on the tournament

ENCE TV - allu: "There was a lot of tensions [in FaZe]"

Post 18.3.2018

We sat with newly signed Aleksi “allu” Jalli for a lengthy interview, discussing 2017 and his time in FaZe and OpTic aswell as the original ENCE 2016 lineup and what he has learned from that time and what he expects from the upcoming ENCE lineup.

Serral finishes Third at WESG

News 17.3.2018

Rainbow Six Pro League: Year 3 Season 1

News 16.3.2018

Rainbow Six Pro League has returned for Year 3 Season 1

Serral remains undefeated at WESG

News 16.3.2018

The untouchable Serral strikes again at WESG

Serral Cleansweeps WESG Group B

News 13.3.2018

Serral does it again as he cleansweeps Group B at WESG

WESG SC2 Coverage

Coverage 13.3.2018

Live coverage from the World Electronic Sports Games Starcraft II tournament

ENCE returns to CS:GO with Aleksi “allu” Jalli

News 12.3.2018

Counter-Strike is deep in the DNA of ENCE, with it being the game we made our return around in the beginning of 2016, and with the ownership of the team having decades of cumulative experience in the game franchise.

ENCE and Finnish hockey club Lahden Pelicans announce a strategic partnership

News 12.3.2018

Pelicans, a hockey club playing in the Finnish hockey league Liiga, together with Finland’s biggest esports organization ENCE, have agreed to enter into a close collaboration never seen before in the Finnish sports industry.

WESG: Starcraft II Preview

Post 10.3.2018

WESG returns for 2018 with a $400,000 Starcraft II tournament

ROG Battle Royal -pelitapahtuma Raision avajaisissa!

News 5.3.2018

IEM: Serral falls to Classic in the semi-final, finishes 3rd/4th winning $26,000

News 4.3.2018

This week we’ve seen a remarkable run from Joona “Serral” Sotala at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championships in Katowice, Poland, where the recent WCS Leipzig champion came in hungry for another trophy.

IEM: Reverse Sweep Victory For Serral In Quarters

News 3.3.2018

Unbelievable comeback scores Serral a spot in the semi-finals at IEM Katowice 2018! Read more…

IEM Katowice SC2 Coverage

Coverage 26.2.2018

Coverage from the Starcraft II IEM Katowice 2018 Championships

SFPL Season 3 Launch - Suomi

News 23.2.2018

Meillä on tänään suuri ilo julkaista kaivattuja muutoksia SFPL:n turnausjärjestelmään sekä SFPL:n uusi kausi.

SFPL Season 3 Launch - English

News 23.2.2018

We are happy to announce the new season of SFPL, read more for changes, prizes and how to get involved

Six Invitational Coverage

Coverage 13.2.2018

Live coverage from the Six Invitational in Montreal, Canada.

Six Invitational Preview

Post 10.2.2018

A look ahead to the Rainbow 6 Six Invitational

IEM XII: PyeongChang Coverage

Coverage 4.2.2018

Coverage from the IEM PyeongChang Starcraft II event

Overwatch Open Division Coverage

Coverage 3.2.2018

Coverage from the EU Open Division

OMEN by HP: Overwatch Coverage

Coverage 2.2.2018

Live coverage from the OMEN by HP: Overwatch tournament at Assembly Winter 2018

Assembly Winter 2018 Preview

Post 30.1.2018

Assembly Winter 2018 Preview: Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege

WCS Leipzig Coverage

Coverage 26.1.2018


OW PIT Coverage

Coverage 22.1.2018

Coverage from the Overwatch PIT Season 2 tournament

Overwatch PIT Championships

Post 20.1.2018

The PIT Championships have returned for a second season and ENCE have been invited to compete in the European region of the tournament. This will be the first official tournament that we will get to see the new lineup when the event starts on January 22nd.

Overwatch Roster Reveal

News 1.1.2018

With a new year starting it is time to give more information about our 2018 plans in Overwatch. As we revealed a few weeks ago we started building the roster for 2018 with Oula “OLBAA” Räsänen at the helm.

Welcome UUNO to ENCE Rainbow Six Siege

News 21.12.2017

Today we would like to welcome the newest member of the ENCE Rainbow Six Siege team Aleksi ‘UUNO’ Työppönen, who joins us from PENTA Academy.

SFPL first official season with prizes begins today

News 20.12.2017

We are excited to announce the official start of the SFPL as a FACEIT affiliate. Aside from the FPL qualifier slots for the invitational ladder, we are distributing a total of 1500 € worth of prize money and products for the most successful players.

ENCE and Overwatch in 2018

News 11.12.2017

Farewell Sha77e

News 10.12.2017

Today we announce the departure of Ville ‘Sha77e’ Palola from the ENCE Rainbow Six Siege team as he is transferred to PENTA in good spirits between the player and the teams.

DreamHack Winter Hearthstone Coverage

Coverage 1.12.2017

Nordic Championship Winter Coverage

Coverage 1.12.2017

Live coverage from the Nordic Championship at DreamHack Winter 2017

DreamHack Winter Preview

News 27.11.2017

ENCE and Telia start a collaboration

News 21.11.2017

Today marks a great day at ENCE, as we announce our collaboration with Telia. We share similar values in broadening esports awareness and responsibility as well as creating a more professional environment for today’s and tomorrow’s esports superstars in Finland.

R6 Pro League Season 3 Finals

Coverage 20.11.2017


Deadly Decks: Warlock Zoo

Post 16.11.2017

Kufdon brings you the next Deadly Decks as he takes a look at Warlock Zoo

ROG Challenge: ENCE esports & Kaneliässät –stream lauantaina 11.11.

News 7.11.2017

Tänä viikonloppuna ammattipelaajista koostuva ENCE eSports ja tubettajista koostuva Kaneliässät –tiimi kohtaavat eeppisissä Overwatch-peleissä lauantaina 11.11. klo 19-21.

ENCE ja FACEIT esittelee - Suomi Pro League (SFPL)

News 29.10.2017

Counter-Strike on iso osa ENCE esportsin väen historiaa ja haluamme olla osana kehittämässä uusien suomalaisten menestystarinoiden syntyä. ENCE ja FACEIT ylpeänä esittelee Suomi Pro Leaguen, joka tulee olemaan iso ponnahduslauta kohti kansainvälisiä pelikenttiä.

ENCE and FACEIT presents - Suomi Pro League (SFPL)

News 29.10.2017

Counter-Strike is a big part of ENCE’s core history and we want to be a part of writing the next chapter of success in the Finnish scene. ENCE and FACEIT are proud to present Suomi Pro League, which is going to be a big catapult towards the international scene for young new talents.

WCS Global Playoffs - Serral Coverage

Post 27.10.2017

The biggest StarCraft II event of the year is upon us as the WCS Global Playoffs kick off this weekend in Los Angeles on October 27-29, 2017. ENCE is proud to be a part of the spectacle as our star player Serral has managed to earn his way into the tournament by placing 3rd in the WCS ranking this year.

R6 Pro League Year 2 Season 3

Coverage 18.10.2017

Rainbow Six EU Pro League Year 2 Season 3 Coverage

Serral: South Korea Adventures Part Three

Blog 12.10.2017

Part three of Serrals adventures in South Korea

ASUS ROG GameXpo League

Coverage 9.10.2017

Coverage of the ASUS ROG GameXpo League

ROG Challenge Tour Helsinki - 14-15.10.2017

News 9.10.2017

Tule haastamaan ENCE:n Baito & natu sekä pelitubettajia ja voita huippupalkintoja!

ENCE Overwatch ECS Legend Series Victory

Post 8.10.2017

Serral: South Korea Adventures Part Two

Blog 4.10.2017

Part two of Serral in Korea Blog

Master Coliseum Coverage

Coverage 4.10.2017

Legend Series Season 1 Coverage

Coverage 30.9.2017

Coverage from the new Overwatch Legend Series Season 1

TaKeTV Penthouse Party 3

Coverage 29.9.2017

Coverage from TaKeTV Penthouse Party 3

Under Siege: Smoke

Post 28.9.2017

We take a look at the next operator of the game, Smoke.

Serral: South Korea Adventures Part One

Blog 27.9.2017

Serral blogs his adventures in Korea

Farewell Hansulinho

News 26.9.2017

WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest

Coverage 18.9.2017

Overwatch Understudy: Lucio

Post 14.9.2017

Overwatch Understudy: Lucio

WCS Montreal Coverage

Coverage 9.9.2017

Live coverage from the WCS Montreal event

Deadly Decks: Razakus Priest

Post 7.9.2017

Deadly Decks: Razakus Priest

Under Siege: Hibana

Post 31.8.2017

Our new series for Rainbow Six will see us investigate the operators of the game

ROG Challenge Tour @ Verkkokauppa Pirkkala 2.9.2017

News 29.8.2017

ROG Challenge Tour tuo 2.9. Tampereen Verkkokauppa Pirkkalaan pelitubettajat ja Suomen parhaat pelaajat.

R6 Pro League Finals Coverage

Coverage 24.8.2017

Rainbow Six Pro League Finals Preview

Post 23.8.2017

Rainbow Six Pro League Finals Preview

Serral Qualifies for WCS Montreal

News 22.8.2017

Rainbow Six Giveaway Winners

Post 9.8.2017

Recap of Assembly

Post 8.8.2017

Recap of Assembly

ASUS ROG Assembly Coverage

Coverage 2.8.2017

ENCE + ASUS ROG at Assembly Summer 2017 = A lot of action

News 2.8.2017

This summer ASUS and Republic of Gamers will have their coolest booth yet at Assembly. Enter the world of ROG and come and try out all of our new awesome products. Bring your friends and compete in a 3vs3 Overwatch Tournament or showcase your skill in CS:GO solo FFA Tournament for a chance to win nice ROG products. You can also just hang out and get free slush drinks and enjoy gaming. Do not miss your chance to join the Republic at the ASUS ROG booth!

GSL vs The World Coverage

Coverage 1.8.2017

It is that time of the year again where we see the best foreigners try their chances at the Korean superstars of Starcraft II. The event which will see eight foreigners travel to Seoul, South Korea to face off against the eight best players in the country.

ENCE at Assembly

News 30.7.2017

Assembly returns once again for a summer outing and that means not only is there a huger LAN party but some of the best eSports in the country. ENCE will be there in full force for the eSports events but also special fan events throughout the weekend

Rainbow Six Pro League Coverage

Coverage 26.7.2017

Coverage from the EU Rainbow Six Pro League

ENCE.R6 head to Gamescom

Post 21.7.2017

The Rainbow Six team qualify from EU Pro League and now head to Gamescom for the LAN finals

HomeStory Cup XV

Coverage 20.7.2017

WCS Valencia Coverage

Coverage 11.7.2017

Introducing ENCE Rainbow Six Roster

News 5.7.2017

Welcome Rainbow Six Seige

Welcome Tuutsi, our new Overwatch analyst!

News 29.6.2017

ENCE welcome the new Overwatch Head Analyst Tuutsi

ENCE & CSGO part ways

News 20.6.2017

Today we announce the departure of our CSGO lineup

DreamHack Summer Starcraft II Coverage

Coverage 15.6.2017

Coverage from the Starcraft II event at DreamHack Jönköping

DreamHack Summer Hearthstone Coverage

Coverage 15.6.2017

Coverage from the Hearthstone event at this years DreamHack Summer

Vectorama 17: Hearthstone Coverage

Coverage 9.6.2017

Vectorama 17: SCII Coverage

Coverage 9.6.2017

Vectorama 17: CSGO Coverage

Coverage 9.6.2017

Vectorama 17: Overwatch Champions

Coverage 9.6.2017

Deadly Decks: Quest Rogue

Post 5.6.2017

Hearthstone Global Games Coverage

Coverage 3.6.2017

Coverage for Hearthstone Global Games

WCS Challenger 3 Playoffs

Coverage 2.6.2017

WCS Challenger 3 Coverage

Overwatch Roster Changes

News 31.5.2017

ROG Challenge Tour – tule ja haasta Suomen kovimmat pelaajat ensi lauantaina 27.5 Helsingissä ja torstaina 1.6 Tampereella!

Post 22.5.2017

ENCE attend Vectorama

News 22.5.2017

Serral Wins WCS EU Qualifier

News 20.5.2017

ENCE attend Nordic eSports Academy

News 20.5.2017

WCS Jönköping - Europe Qualifier

Coverage 19.5.2017

Deadly Decks: Hybrid Shaman

Post 16.5.2017

TaKe's Penthouse Party 2

Coverage 6.5.2017

ENCE Gaming House

News 1.5.2017

National Overwatch Committee Voting

News 28.4.2017

DreamHack Austin Hearthstone

Coverage 27.4.2017

Live coverage of the DreamHack Austin Hearthstone event

DreamHack Austin Starcraft II

Coverage 27.4.2017

Live coverage from DreamHack Austin Starcraft II event

Overwatch Player Changes

News 20.4.2017

Overwatch Player Changes

DreamHack Austin Preview

Post 18.4.2017

Preview for SC2 & HS at DreamHack Austin

Copenhagen Games OW Coverage

Coverage 12.4.2017

Live Copenhagen Games Coverage

WCS Austin EU Coverage

Coverage 7.4.2017

Year of the Mammoth and Journey To Un'Goro Insight

Post 5.4.2017

A look into the upcoming changes for Hearthstone with the Year of the Mammoth and Journey To Un’Goro

Next Overwatch tournament confirmed!

Post 20.3.2017

ENCE’s Overwatch team will head to Copenhagen at Easter time, 13.-15. Apr, where Denmark’s largest eSports event Copenhagen Games is hosted yearly

FCT17 Coverage

Coverage 18.3.2017

Coverage for the NHL Finnish Championship Tournament

Deadly Decks: Reno Lock

Post 13.3.2017

Deadly Decks: Reno Lock

Overwatch Update + New Player

Post 8.3.2017

Updates on the Overwatch team and addition of the final member

CEVO Main Coverage

Coverage 8.3.2017

CEVO Main coverage

IEM Katowice - Serral Coverage

Post 1.3.2017

Coverage from the IEM Katowice SC2 Championships

LANTREK 2017 Coverage

Coverage 28.2.2017

Deadly Decks: Miracle Rogue

Post 20.2.2017

Miracle Rogue insight with Kufdon

Counter Strike Roster Announcement

News 16.2.2017

We are happy to announce our new CS:GO lineup

HCT 2017: Winter Prelim Coverage

Coverage 11.2.2017

Coverage from the Europe Winter Prelims

Overwatch: Baito Interview

Post 9.2.2017

Interview with Baito from the Overwatch team

Serral Qualifies for Katowice

Post 6.2.2017

Preview and Interview with Serral looking towards Katowice

Assembly Winter: OW Coverage

Coverage 3.2.2017

Coverage from the Overwatch Assembly Winter tournament

Assembly 2017: Meet, greet and challenge

News 1.2.2017

FSG Brawl 2017 Coverage

Coverage 28.1.2017

Fireside Gathering Brawl coverage

IEM XI SC2 EU Qualifier

Coverage 27.1.2017

Assembly '17 Overwatch Preview

Post 25.1.2017

A preview of the upcoming Overwatch tournament taking place at Assembly Winter 2017 in Helsinki, Finland.

Deadly Decks: Reno Mage

Post 23.1.2017

Welcome Hansulinho

News 11.1.2017

ENCE welcome NHL player Hannes ‘Hansulinho’ Kettunen

Deadly Decks: VLPS Control Warrior

Post 9.1.2017

ENCE Overwatch Announcement

News 6.1.2017

Nation Wars IV Coverage

Coverage 2.1.2017

Deadly Decks: Aggro Jade

Post 7.12.2016

ENCE plans to expand in to Overwatch early 2017

Post 5.12.2016

As our CEO Petri “Procyon” Hämälä stated in his year in review-article, our possible addition for the upcoming year is Overwatch. However, to do so we need to find a team that fits our values.

ENCE CS:GO's year concludes

Post 1.12.2016

ENCE returned into eSports with Counter-Strike team in start of this year. During the year we have expanded into other titles as well, by adding StarCraft II and Hearthstone players. Counter-Strike is one of the main titles of eSports and heart of Finnish eSports. 6V. Cup Coverage

Coverage 28.11.2016

The Starcraft II 6v Cup brings together the best players in Finland to battle it out to find out who is the best player in the country.

DreamHack Winter & NordicChamp Preview

Post 23.11.2016

International Topdogs Coverage

Coverage 16.11.2016

ESEA S23 Premier Division Coverage

Coverage 8.11.2016

ESEA S23 Premier features 24 teams with two teams advancing to ESEA S23 Global Premiere Challenge

EL Major - Europeon Minor Coverage

Coverage 3.11.2016

The E-LEAGUE Europeon Minor tournament kicks off Friday 4th November and 8 teams will be battling it out for 2 spots at the Major qualifier.

Farewell Juho

News 30.10.2016

Today we unfortunately part ways with one of our players, Juho ‘juhob’ Lampinen who has been with us since we relaunched ENCE

ASUS ROG, Jimm’s and ENCE launch G752 ENCE edition laptop with a wallpaper competition

Post 27.10.2016

We at ENCE are excited to announce that together with ASUS ROG and Jimm’s we have put together something very special.

Insomnia 2016 Coverage

Coverage 26.10.2016

Preview and Coverage from Insomnia XVIII

ESWC 2016 Coverage

Coverage 26.10.2016

Preview and Coverage for the ESWC 2016 Tournament

TaKe's Penthouse Party Coverage

Coverage 20.10.2016

Serral wins TaKe’s Penthouse Party with a 4-1 win over HeroMarine

ENCE Gaming Chair by Ulti-mat

Post 15.10.2016

ENCE and Finnish gaming chair manufacturer Ulti-mat start a collaboration!

ENCE welcome Creapz

News 14.10.2016

ENCE welcome their latest Heartstone player Creapz

ENCE wins IeSF World Championship 2016

News 9.10.2016

ENCE wins IeSF World Championship 2016. Read more for a full recap of the event!

IeSF World Championship 2016

Coverage 8.10.2016

Coverage of the IeSF World Championship 2016

ENCE are the IESF2016 Champions after taking down TyLoo 2-1

WESG 2016 SC2 EU Qualifiers

Coverage 6.10.2016

Coverage of the WESG 2016 SC2 EU Qualifiers

Return of Serral

News 4.10.2016

Today we are incredibly excited to announce the Starcraft II roster will be strengthened by the return of Serral to the ENCE eSports organisation.

CEO’s review

Post 1.10.2016

Here at ENCE we believe we have managed to reach many of our goals we set for 2016. We’ve managed to become the clear number one eSports organization in Finland and a fan favourite, without forgetting all our foreign fans as well.

SEUL Training Camp Week

News 27.9.2016

This week the Counter-Strike team is going to Vierumäki for a training camp before the IeSF World Championships in Indonesia. The event which takes place Thursday 29th September until Monday 3rd October will be a good chance for the ENCE team to work together and come together as a team.

WCA 2016 EU Qualifier

Coverage 1.9.2016

ENCE CS:GO lineup with a new form

News 30.8.2016

Today we are ready to announce our full Counter-Strike: Global Offensive line-up for the rest of the 2016 season.

ESEA S22 Premier Global Finals

Coverage 27.8.2016

ENCE and FaZe Clan to an agreement, allu bought out of his contract

News 16.8.2016

Today marks a change in ENCE’s Counter-Strike lineup as we have to say farewell to one of our players.

New Site Launch

News 12.8.2016

We are happy to bring you the new ENCE eSports website. Read more to find out about the new key features!

WCS Summer Circuit Coverage

Coverage 11.8.2016

Live coverage from DreamHack Montreal as Welmu competes in the Starcraft II WCS Summer Circuit

Global Grand Masters Coverage

Coverage 10.8.2016

Coverage from the Global Grand Masters 2016 CSGO tournament

ESEA Season 22 EU Premier Coverage

Coverage 10.8.2016

Full coverage from the ESEA EU Season 22 Premier Division

ASUS ROG: Assembly 2016 Coverage

Coverage 9.8.2016

Coverage from the ASUS ROG Assembly Summer 2016 Counter Strike Event

Xtrfy & ENCE launch XTP1 ENCE mousepad

News 8.8.2016

ENCE eSports is known as Finland’s leading eSports organization and houses the first-ever Finnish CS:GO team with full-time pro players. After announcing their partnership earlier this year, Xtrfy and ENCE now unveil a co-branded gaming product.

ENCE expands into Hearthstone - Welcome Kufdon!

News 9.6.2016

Today we are happy to announce another expansion of the ENCE team as we step into the world of Hearthstone and welcome our first player to the division Antti ‘Kufdon’ Lammi. Having recently expanded into Starcraft II we are excited to branch further out into the eSports industry to other games and look forward to the future of Hearthstone.

Change in the CS:GO lineup

News 22.5.2016

The past five months has been a roller-coaster of negatives and positives for our Counter-Strike squad. As we acquired this lineup back in January, we strongly believed the foundation we had built possessed the ingredients for continuous development with the support of the organization.

ENCE welcomes Xtrfy as gaming gear sponsor

News 21.4.2016

“We’re really happy to announce our new partnership with ENCE. Not only because they’re at the very forefront of the Finnish eSports scene, but also since we’ve previously worked with players as well as other members of the organization and value their experience”, says Erik Jensen, Co-founder of Xtrfy.

ENCE Welcomes Welmu

News 15.4.2016

ENCE are happy to announce the latest addition to the organization in the form of Vesa ‘Welmu’ Hovinen. The Finnish Protoss player will be the talent that will represent ENCE in Starcraft II as we launch the new division today along side our Counter Strike team.

ENCE welcomes Nordicbet as a new sponsor

News 1.4.2016

We here at ENCE are delighted to welcome Nordicbet, a Swedish Sportsbook Casino and Poker company, as one of its sponsors as of today. This collaboration gives a new level of access for Nordicbet in the world of eSports.

ENCE Partner with Jimm's

News 14.3.2016

We are delighted to announce that ENCE eSports and Jimm’s PC-Store have come to an agreement to start a collaboration and Jimm’s will be one of our sponsors in 2016.

ENCE is Happy to Welcome ASUS ROG as the Teams Title Sponsor

News 2.2.2016

Today we welcome ASUS ROG as our title sponsor and will be using ENCE.ASUSROG as our tag. This collaboration also means that our players will be equipped with the best hardware for serious gaming.

ENCE eSports Rebooting

News 4.1.2016

You may remember us from a few years back. Now we are back, stronger than ever.