SFPL Season 3 Launch - Suomi

News 23.2.2018

Meillä on tänään suuri ilo julkaista kaivattuja muutoksia SFPL:n turnausjärjestelmään sekä SFPL:n uusi kausi.

Six Invitational Preview

Post 10.2.2018

A look ahead to the Rainbow 6 Six Invitational

Assembly Winter 2018 Preview

Post 30.1.2018

Assembly Winter 2018 Preview: Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege

Overwatch PIT Championships

Post 20.1.2018

The PIT Championships have returned for a second season and ENCE have been invited to compete in the European region of the tournament. This will be the first official tournament that we will get to see the new lineup when the event starts on January 22nd.

Deadly Decks: Warlock Zoo

Post 16.11.2017

Kufdon brings you the next Deadly Decks as he takes a look at Warlock Zoo

WCS Global Playoffs - Serral Coverage

Post 27.10.2017

The biggest StarCraft II event of the year is upon us as the WCS Global Playoffs kick off this weekend in Los Angeles on October 27-29, 2017. ENCE is proud to be a part of the spectacle as our star player Serral has managed to earn his way into the tournament by placing 3rd in the WCS ranking this year.

ENCE Overwatch ECS Legend Series Victory

Post 8.10.2017

Under Siege: Smoke

Post 28.9.2017

We take a look at the next operator of the game, Smoke.

Overwatch Understudy: Lucio

Post 14.9.2017

Overwatch Understudy: Lucio

Deadly Decks: Razakus Priest

Post 7.9.2017

Deadly Decks: Razakus Priest

Under Siege: Hibana

Post 31.8.2017

Our new series for Rainbow Six will see us investigate the operators of the game

Rainbow Six Pro League Finals Preview

Post 23.8.2017

Rainbow Six Pro League Finals Preview

Rainbow Six Giveaway Winners

Post 9.8.2017

Recap of Assembly

Post 8.8.2017

Recap of Assembly

ENCE.R6 head to Gamescom

Post 21.7.2017

The Rainbow Six team qualify from EU Pro League and now head to Gamescom for the LAN finals

Deadly Decks: Quest Rogue

Post 5.6.2017

ROG Challenge Tour – tule ja haasta Suomen kovimmat pelaajat ensi lauantaina 27.5 Helsingissä ja torstaina 1.6 Tampereella!

Post 22.5.2017

ENCE attend Vectorama

News 22.5.2017

Serral Wins WCS EU Qualifier

News 20.5.2017

Deadly Decks: Hybrid Shaman

Post 16.5.2017

DreamHack Austin Preview

Post 18.4.2017

Preview for SC2 & HS at DreamHack Austin

Year of the Mammoth and Journey To Un'Goro Insight

Post 5.4.2017

A look into the upcoming changes for Hearthstone with the Year of the Mammoth and Journey To Un’Goro

Next Overwatch tournament confirmed!

Post 20.3.2017

ENCE’s Overwatch team will head to Copenhagen at Easter time, 13.-15. Apr, where Denmark’s largest eSports event Copenhagen Games is hosted yearly

Deadly Decks: Reno Lock

Post 13.3.2017

Deadly Decks: Reno Lock

Overwatch Update + New Player

Post 8.3.2017

Updates on the Overwatch team and addition of the final member

IEM Katowice - Serral Coverage

Post 1.3.2017

Coverage from the IEM Katowice SC2 Championships

Deadly Decks: Miracle Rogue

Post 20.2.2017

Miracle Rogue insight with Kufdon

Overwatch: Baito Interview

Post 9.2.2017

Interview with Baito from the Overwatch team

Serral Qualifies for Katowice

Post 6.2.2017

Preview and Interview with Serral looking towards Katowice

Assembly '17 Overwatch Preview

Post 25.1.2017

A preview of the upcoming Overwatch tournament taking place at Assembly Winter 2017 in Helsinki, Finland.

Deadly Decks: Reno Mage

Post 23.1.2017

Deadly Decks: VLPS Control Warrior

Post 9.1.2017

Deadly Decks: Aggro Jade

Post 7.12.2016

ENCE plans to expand in to Overwatch early 2017

Post 5.12.2016

As our CEO Petri “Procyon” Hämälä stated in his year in review-article, our possible addition for the upcoming year is Overwatch. However, to do so we need to find a team that fits our values.

ENCE CS:GO's year concludes

Post 1.12.2016

ENCE returned into eSports with Counter-Strike team in start of this year. During the year we have expanded into other titles as well, by adding StarCraft II and Hearthstone players. Counter-Strike is one of the main titles of eSports and heart of Finnish eSports.

DreamHack Winter & NordicChamp Preview

Post 23.11.2016

ASUS ROG, Jimm’s and ENCE launch G752 ENCE edition laptop with a wallpaper competition

Post 27.10.2016

We at ENCE are excited to announce that together with ASUS ROG and Jimm’s we have put together something very special.

ENCE Gaming Chair by Ulti-mat

Post 15.10.2016

ENCE and Finnish gaming chair manufacturer Ulti-mat start a collaboration!

CEO’s review

Post 1.10.2016

Here at ENCE we believe we have managed to reach many of our goals we set for 2016. We’ve managed to become the clear number one eSports organization in Finland and a fan favourite, without forgetting all our foreign fans as well.