SFPL Season 3 Launch - Suomi

News 23.2.2018

Meillä on tänään suuri ilo julkaista kaivattuja muutoksia SFPL:n turnausjärjestelmään sekä SFPL:n uusi kausi.

SFPL Season 3 Launch - English

News 23.2.2018

We are happy to announce the new season of SFPL, read more for changes, prizes and how to get involved

Overwatch Roster Reveal

News 1.1.2018

With a new year starting it is time to give more information about our 2018 plans in Overwatch. As we revealed a few weeks ago we started building the roster for 2018 with Oula “OLBAA” Räsänen at the helm.

Welcome UUNO to ENCE Rainbow Six Siege

News 21.12.2017

Today we would like to welcome the newest member of the ENCE Rainbow Six Siege team Aleksi ‘UUNO’ Työppönen, who joins us from PENTA Academy.

SFPL first official season with prizes begins today

News 20.12.2017

We are excited to announce the official start of the SFPL as a FACEIT affiliate. Aside from the FPL qualifier slots for the invitational ladder, we are distributing a total of 1500 € worth of prize money and products for the most successful players.

ENCE and Overwatch in 2018

News 11.12.2017

Farewell Sha77e

News 10.12.2017

Today we announce the departure of Ville ‘Sha77e’ Palola from the ENCE Rainbow Six Siege team as he is transferred to PENTA in good spirits between the player and the teams.

DreamHack Winter Preview

News 27.11.2017

ENCE and Telia start a collaboration

News 21.11.2017

Today marks a great day at ENCE, as we announce our collaboration with Telia. We share similar values in broadening esports awareness and responsibility as well as creating a more professional environment for today’s and tomorrow’s esports superstars in Finland.

ROG Challenge: ENCE esports & Kaneliässät –stream lauantaina 11.11.

News 7.11.2017

Tänä viikonloppuna ammattipelaajista koostuva ENCE eSports ja tubettajista koostuva Kaneliässät –tiimi kohtaavat eeppisissä Overwatch-peleissä lauantaina 11.11. klo 19-21.

ENCE ja FACEIT esittelee - Suomi Pro League (SFPL)

News 29.10.2017

Counter-Strike on iso osa ENCE esportsin väen historiaa ja haluamme olla osana kehittämässä uusien suomalaisten menestystarinoiden syntyä. ENCE ja FACEIT ylpeänä esittelee Suomi Pro Leaguen, joka tulee olemaan iso ponnahduslauta kohti kansainvälisiä pelikenttiä.

ENCE and FACEIT presents - Suomi Pro League (SFPL)

News 29.10.2017

Counter-Strike is a big part of ENCE’s core history and we want to be a part of writing the next chapter of success in the Finnish scene. ENCE and FACEIT are proud to present Suomi Pro League, which is going to be a big catapult towards the international scene for young new talents.

ROG Challenge Tour Helsinki - 14-15.10.2017

News 9.10.2017

Tule haastamaan ENCE:n Baito & natu sekä pelitubettajia ja voita huippupalkintoja!

Farewell Hansulinho

News 26.9.2017

ROG Challenge Tour @ Verkkokauppa Pirkkala 2.9.2017

News 29.8.2017

ROG Challenge Tour tuo 2.9. Tampereen Verkkokauppa Pirkkalaan pelitubettajat ja Suomen parhaat pelaajat.

Serral Qualifies for WCS Montreal

News 22.8.2017

ENCE + ASUS ROG at Assembly Summer 2017 = A lot of action

News 2.8.2017

This summer ASUS and Republic of Gamers will have their coolest booth yet at Assembly. Enter the world of ROG and come and try out all of our new awesome products. Bring your friends and compete in a 3vs3 Overwatch Tournament or showcase your skill in CS:GO solo FFA Tournament for a chance to win nice ROG products. You can also just hang out and get free slush drinks and enjoy gaming. Do not miss your chance to join the Republic at the ASUS ROG booth!

ENCE at Assembly

News 30.7.2017

Assembly returns once again for a summer outing and that means not only is there a huger LAN party but some of the best eSports in the country. ENCE will be there in full force for the eSports events but also special fan events throughout the weekend

Introducing ENCE Rainbow Six Roster

News 5.7.2017

Welcome Rainbow Six Seige

Welcome Tuutsi, our new Overwatch analyst!

News 29.6.2017

ENCE welcome the new Overwatch Head Analyst Tuutsi

ENCE & CSGO part ways

News 20.6.2017

Today we announce the departure of our CSGO lineup

Overwatch Roster Changes

News 31.5.2017

ENCE attend Vectorama

News 22.5.2017

Serral Wins WCS EU Qualifier

News 20.5.2017

ENCE attend Nordic eSports Academy

News 20.5.2017

ENCE Gaming House

News 1.5.2017

National Overwatch Committee Voting

News 28.4.2017

Overwatch Player Changes

News 20.4.2017

Overwatch Player Changes

Counter Strike Roster Announcement

News 16.2.2017

We are happy to announce our new CS:GO lineup

Assembly 2017: Meet, greet and challenge

News 1.2.2017

Welcome Hansulinho

News 11.1.2017

ENCE welcome NHL player Hannes ‘Hansulinho’ Kettunen

ENCE Overwatch Announcement

News 6.1.2017

Farewell Juho

News 30.10.2016

Today we unfortunately part ways with one of our players, Juho ‘juhob’ Lampinen who has been with us since we relaunched ENCE

ENCE welcome Creapz

News 14.10.2016

ENCE welcome their latest Heartstone player Creapz

ENCE wins IeSF World Championship 2016

News 9.10.2016

ENCE wins IeSF World Championship 2016. Read more for a full recap of the event!

Return of Serral

News 4.10.2016

Today we are incredibly excited to announce the Starcraft II roster will be strengthened by the return of Serral to the ENCE eSports organisation.

SEUL Training Camp Week

News 27.9.2016

This week the Counter-Strike team is going to Vierumäki for a training camp before the IeSF World Championships in Indonesia. The event which takes place Thursday 29th September until Monday 3rd October will be a good chance for the ENCE team to work together and come together as a team.

ENCE CS:GO lineup with a new form

News 30.8.2016

Today we are ready to announce our full Counter-Strike: Global Offensive line-up for the rest of the 2016 season.

ENCE and FaZe Clan to an agreement, allu bought out of his contract

News 16.8.2016

Today marks a change in ENCE’s Counter-Strike lineup as we have to say farewell to one of our players.

New Site Launch

News 12.8.2016

We are happy to bring you the new ENCE eSports website. Read more to find out about the new key features!

Xtrfy & ENCE launch XTP1 ENCE mousepad

News 8.8.2016

ENCE eSports is known as Finland’s leading eSports organization and houses the first-ever Finnish CS:GO team with full-time pro players. After announcing their partnership earlier this year, Xtrfy and ENCE now unveil a co-branded gaming product.

ENCE expands into Hearthstone - Welcome Kufdon!

News 9.6.2016

Today we are happy to announce another expansion of the ENCE team as we step into the world of Hearthstone and welcome our first player to the division Antti ‘Kufdon’ Lammi. Having recently expanded into Starcraft II we are excited to branch further out into the eSports industry to other games and look forward to the future of Hearthstone.

Change in the CS:GO lineup

News 22.5.2016

The past five months has been a roller-coaster of negatives and positives for our Counter-Strike squad. As we acquired this lineup back in January, we strongly believed the foundation we had built possessed the ingredients for continuous development with the support of the organization.

ENCE welcomes Xtrfy as gaming gear sponsor

News 21.4.2016

“We’re really happy to announce our new partnership with ENCE. Not only because they’re at the very forefront of the Finnish eSports scene, but also since we’ve previously worked with players as well as other members of the organization and value their experience”, says Erik Jensen, Co-founder of Xtrfy.

ENCE Welcomes Welmu

News 15.4.2016

ENCE are happy to announce the latest addition to the organization in the form of Vesa ‘Welmu’ Hovinen. The Finnish Protoss player will be the talent that will represent ENCE in Starcraft II as we launch the new division today along side our Counter Strike team.

ENCE welcomes Nordicbet as a new sponsor

News 1.4.2016

We here at ENCE are delighted to welcome Nordicbet, a Swedish Sportsbook Casino and Poker company, as one of its sponsors as of today. This collaboration gives a new level of access for Nordicbet in the world of eSports.

ENCE Partner with Jimm's

News 14.3.2016

We are delighted to announce that ENCE eSports and Jimm’s PC-Store have come to an agreement to start a collaboration and Jimm’s will be one of our sponsors in 2016.

ENCE is Happy to Welcome ASUS ROG as the Teams Title Sponsor

News 2.2.2016

Today we welcome ASUS ROG as our title sponsor and will be using ENCE.ASUSROG as our tag. This collaboration also means that our players will be equipped with the best hardware for serious gaming.

ENCE eSports Rebooting

News 4.1.2016

You may remember us from a few years back. Now we are back, stronger than ever.