ESEA Advanced Season 28

Coverage 13.6.2018

Mon 25th 19:00EEST – ENCE vs team123

Current Standing 7-1


With the return of the ENCE Counter-Strike lineup means the return of ESEA for the squad. ENCE will be competing in the European Advanced League as a starting point for their return with games starting this week. Seventy-One teams will compete in the EU division for a chance at advancing to the Mountain Dew League in the next season and ENCE will be hoping to be one of them.

The Season 28 will run from May 15th until July 23rd ending in the playoffs for the promotion to the next tier in ESEA. Having shown some exceptional growth over the last few qualifiers ENCE will be one of the favourites to advance from the league however they will have to battle through a number of familiar faces including Fnatic Academy, Nordavind and a handful of homegrown Finnish teams as well.

The first game of the season for ENCE will take place on Monday 28th May where they will face off against Team Property. Currently it is unknown if the GOTV rights will be released for the games however we will do our best to ensure that all games where possible will be broadcast right here on for all to enjoy. We hope you cheer the guys on as they return to ESEA and look to dominate the scene and advance to the Mountain Dew League for Season 29.